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Going rate

Originally Posted by Ricer X View Post
i'm a cross posting whore but this is worth discussion:

But Brazil is actually a popular playground for gay guys, as they can get under 18 boys there, the brothels for women are more traditional, many are spas and very old school nice, with bars and pool tables, and women. Many Portuguese/Brazil girls are virgins due to the catholic faith, and over 18, and its not surprising a Japanese man bought her, the Japanese revere virginity as good luck, as do many Buddhist societies, Vietnam, China and Thailand included, but the Japanese are freaks, they have Japanese only clubs in Thailand, lot of S&M and weird sexual outlier folks there, hear its creepy.

Anyway, for $800, he could get a 4 Star suite and pool, and two younger college girls in Thailand...

There will be a lot skin for sale at World Cup, thats for darn sure.