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This thread still continues to entertain me!

My opinion so far)

Anyone who is standing behind selling $1 chair stoppers for $10 advertising months of r&d testing is probably just predisposed to giving charity.

It's fair to say were a bunch of assholes for copying his design, I mean shopping at the same hardware store, but WTF with marytre job on the photos? owner who made this thread claimed he emailed them as soon as he saw them and admits they removed them. I read another reply where owner said his website guy thought they were their photos, said zero clutch stops were sold during the time those photos were up, and removed them the next day.

All these people who are claiming certain vendors are copying other vendors, that is why we have these things called patents. If something does not qualify for a patent then it's not unique enough and has been around for long enough that anyone is open to make their own. Things like clutch stops, engine tunes, and exhaust systems fall in to this category. That is how america works! You either sell a better product for less or sell the same or an inferior product for more with emotionally charged BS marketing like