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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
It's pretty obvious you HATE Barrack Obama with a passion. But you have no idea who this man is other than he is not Barrack Obama. And this time around I guess that's good enough for Republicans. So it's okay that you don't know who he is or what he believes in or if he has any core convictions other than wanting to check off being president from his list of accomplishments.

Is that really good enough for you? Really?
Not sure Hate is the right word, it's really more like FEAR.

You dislike Romney based upon conjecture and speculation, because (unless you have a time machine), you do not know what he will do if elected. You can listen to what he says, or compare that to what he did as Gov of Mass, or running the Olympics, which are all reasonable aids to assist in the guessing, but still, not one person on this planet can know with certainty what he will actually do if he ends up in the White House.

My fear of Obama's policies is not based upon speculation, it's based upon irrefutable historical fact. We dont need to guess how effective he might be if he has a house majority or not, we've seen it firsthand. We dont have to wonder or guess if he might squander a house majority, and then continue to fumble the economic football so badly that he becomes the first president in history to suffer the indignity of a credit downgrade on his watch. No uncertainty there, these events are all matter of public record. I guess if folks want four more years of that, then voting Obama is the right choice for them. If you dont like that, then yes, maybe Romney is good enough for you.

Many times in history, a presidential candidate has stated a more hardcore platform to placate the party fundamentalists and win the nomination, only to drift towards the center as the date approaches in an effort to snare some moderate undecideds. Both Democrats and Republicans in the past have done that over and over. And yet, over and over, people have not called those candidates to be without core convictions, they can see what is happening there.

Perhaps one could argue that this time it is a bit more pronounced because the tea party faction is arguably more extreme/fundamentalist than what you might normally see within a party, and they hold a lot of clout, so nobody who consisently presented a moderate platform would have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the nomination. It's worth noting they have risen to such prominence and power on Barry's watch, I'm not sure that's a coincidence. For someone who was supposed to unite the country, it seems to be a lot more divided now than it's been in a LONG time. Once again, if you want even more of that, history suggests that Barry's your guy all right.