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Originally Posted by bob mushroom View Post
Quick question....

If you order bluetooth does the standard voice control come as part of the package?

Is the extended voice control is only available with the business/professional sat nav?

Is there any way a car can be ordered without Voice control if bluetooth is specified?


Bob, 'extended' voice control is only available with cars fitted with SatNavPro ie having the 'CCC' (car communication computer) interface- if you don't have navPRO, then you don't have the likes of:

Not having to 'voice train' the system to dial your mobile phonebook contacts (assuming the phone is fully compatible & the phonebook can be downloaded by the car),
Ability to just say something like 'Frequency 96.6' or 'Station Radio 1' to get the radio to tune into that station,
Ability to enter new destinations into the Nav using just your voice,
Ability to choose CD tracks on the main drive & multi-changer,
etc etc etc

The system is able to 'interprete' what you say, so it can let you dial contacts in your phonebook, without having to be trained & without having to be told your phonebook has been updated since the last time it was connected to the car's bluetooth interface.

The 'basic' voice recognition system needs to be 'trained' to choose phone contacts & cannot do any of the other stuff that the 'extended' NavPRO system can do.

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