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Originally Posted by Maan View Post
I put on the H&R sport springs 3 day ago. Got the alignment done today and front driver side camber is out of wack while the passenger side is fine. The guy tried loosing the screws on top of the strut and still couldn't couldn't get the camber to get into spec. Help me out here. I checked the tire pressure and it's 45psi on both sides. Measured the height and it's 25-1/4 inches from the ground on both sides.

Ride height may not be accurate, directly affecting camber. You might consider investing in camber plates as it appears you're lowered.

First & foremost, alignment/ride height measurements should be taken when the vehicle's on a level surface. Can use a water level to verify.

Then, ride height's generally taken from the top of the wheel well arch sheet metal to the bottom of the rim, true vertical. Stock front measurement for a 19" rim is 24.60".

How are toe & camber being measured? Should do toe to a zero thrust angle line.