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Originally Posted by baltik View Post
Ummm it can't be 7/16 BMW = Metric
um, did you read the part where i said more like i dont have a lot of metric tools so i used the closest imperial to measure it

Originally Posted by STE92VE View Post
What part of the guide were you reading?
the part you quoted, the cars are diffrent, the guy with the blue sesemi street character in his avatar had the same size, and ours were plastic not metal, and you have to give it a full turn for it to start bleeding

am i to assume that since my clutch pedal returns to the up position properly that i bled it correctly? it was hard to tell since i have to give it a full turn to get it loose enough to bleed

first impressions, clutch engagement is pretty much the same, a little more informative but thats about it (nothing like the other cars i have driven that give tons of feedback)

what IS a ton different is when your moving out of gear, throwing the clutch in immediately takes pressure off the gearshift