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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
You missed the point. A down pipe is a down pipe... I just made comment that they look a lot like VRSF's. My point was BMS is opportunistic developer. They mainly develop products that someone else has already designed and marketed. They take those ideas and apply them to their products as if they created something new and then turn around and undercut the market. Not only did BMS copy OP's design, BMS used his photos and then turned around and cut the price in half while claiming to provide a better product. Ether Terry is dumber than a box of rocks, or he's got nads the size of basketballs. Regardless of what we say or do, people will still buy his products because they can save money.
How did I miss a point when your first post didn't even get to "the point" until you posted this reply?

Every manufacture is an "opportunistic developer," why go after a market when there isn't an opportunity to make $? I'm not defending BMS, I'm just pointing out the obvious...
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