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Originally Posted by ROW View Post
Afternoon all.

Anyone running any upgraded bulbs (5000k or 6000k) on there e92 xenons? or recommend any? pics would be great .

I brought a set of d1s bulbs 6000k from teddy at ssdd late June so only 4 months old. Very disappointed with the product, i know everyone says his products are top notch but this time it was poor.

i thought buying from a forum sponser rather than ebay i would get a better quality product. When they arrived the bulbs were those exactly found on ebay from the far east. Although teddy offered me a minor refund as i found the exact ones cheaper on ebay (even with the evot forum discount) i was still disappointed, if i wanted a product like that i would have gone on ebay myself.

For the past few weeks the driver side bulb started to flicker and not light, yesterday that bulb completely went. i emailed teddy yesterday so hopefully i will get it replaced under the usual 12months warranty.

I am still on the look out for an alternative bulb even if/when i get the replacement. colour wise 6000k should be a diamond white, but these from ssdd have a very distinct aqua colour. At night they look ok but say at dusk when the lights come on on auto they look cheap.

If you aint guessed, im not happy. only 4 months old, we all know changing the bulbs on an e92 aint a 2min job.

anyone running 5000k bulbs? ... looking at these as im after a crisp white with no aqua blue hue.

hi mate just stumbled across your post, i had a bulb blow on me so decided like you to contact ssdd and order the bulbs, when ordered in 600k i asked what brand they are and he quoted that they use their own brand and get them manufactured (online looked like their own packaging in pics). I asked for branded and he said they dont do them as too many fakes out there etc. low and behold when the delivery arrived, they were in a japanese/chinese package and once fitted after hours and loads of cuts and bruises, the bulbs had a blue tint to them, i asked for pure white and made sure i ordered the correct bulb, however not entirely satisfied,

did not complain or ask for refund as still beats bmw's price of 160 per bulb, and must admit at night on motorways etc it lights up the road much better than the stock bulbs.

I heard the phillips bulbs are quite good but not seen in real life.