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Originally Posted by RagingKileak
My brakes are like any other really. 2009 car, did 21000 miles on these disks and pads before I changed them to updated parts. The disks and pads have therefore been off for 3 months or so. They are clean and tidy with nothing remarkable to report.

I honestly don't know how old/new the pads were because I only had the car since Feb. I suspect the pads are not the first set as there is some life in them yet.

Can you link to a spec sheet for the setup you're selling at all please? I've not actually heard of this setup, so I'd like to have a read.

Just need them to be fully working and not in need of replacement parts!

Spec from website,

Minimum wheel size: 19"

PB Brake kits take stopping power to the next level! Everything required for installation is included in the kit, and no modification is required as each of our kits has been specifically designed for your vehicle. Unlike other brands in the same price range, we offer 8 different sizes of caliper to perfectly match each rotor diameter, and we refuse to offer oversized calipers on small rotors just to look good. PB kits are precision engineered, utilizing state of the art CNC technology and using only the finest materials. There truly is no better value for money brakes on the market today.

Our rotors are manufactured from high grade FC250 alloy with anti-rust coating. They utilze large vents to dissipate heat more efficiently. Center caps are made from aerospace grade aluminium we hard anodizing electrolyte treatment for improved durability. Each rotor is manufactured to a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm to ensure perfect balancing. Any rotor that does not meet our high QC standards will not leave the factory.

Calipers are made from high quality aluminium, squeeze forged, and finished with an anti-rust coating. They include internal oil and dust seals for protection against the elements. We offer 8 different sizes of caliper to suit each size of rotor. Calipers are available in 18 anodized or powder coated finishes (please see chart below).

Brake Pads
We also manufacture our own high quality street and race brake pads. They include heat plates to imporove heat dissipation and reduce noise. Replacement pads are not specific to PB Brake kits and are available from either ourselves or any major pad manufacturer.

Street pads
Optimal operating temp: 0-450C
Coefficient of friction: 0.32-0.40µ
Race pads
Optimal operating temp: 80-700C
Coefficient of friction: 0.40-0.52µ

Brake Lines
Each kit includes a set of DOT compliant stainless steel braided brake lines, with waterproof PVC coating. They are vehicle specific, so additional adaptors are required. The lines also have clips attached to make life easier when installing.

Brackets are made from high strength steel alloy, manufactured specifically for each vehicle application. Again, no modification or adaptors required. Strong, durable, reliable.
Rotors are available in drilled, slotted, or drilled+slotted patterns for no extra cost.

Floating rotors are available for £200 extra per set of 2.
Selection of 18 anodized caliper colours to choose from. Powder coating available for £60 extra.
Streed compound brake pads included as standard, Race compound pads £40 extra

Link to front kit. Same kit as some more expensive suppliers.