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Originally Posted by RicheyBMW View Post
I've never really cared for lowering my car and I also never understood how everything went in terms of this topic.

Despite the gap look..what really prompt me to consider suspensions is that my ride comfort isn't the best, especially with my car bouncing on the highway or going over bumps.. it feels a bit too bouncy and I also feel like I'm driving a tank at times. And yes, I guess the gap look isn't appealing either.

Can lowering your car with new coilovers/springs eliminate this? Also, what are some top quality brands...I've heard of KW, Eibach, JRZ, and H&R. Are coilovers better than springs? What is everything I would need to buy for installment, just the coilover package itself? I hear stuff about shocks and struts are these the actually stuff included when you buy them? And lastly, how much does lowering affect rubbing and actually getting your bumper underneath scraped all the time?

If this is any help my current setup which does not rub on stock is:
19"x8.5" ET35mm Front 235/35/19
19"x9.5" ET33mm Rear 265/30/19
Can you tell me more about what this means?