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Originally Posted by RagingKileak
Interesting. Do want, but struggling (like most I guess) to overcome the idea that these are as good as AP's or whatever. I've had a read of some of Dan (Newtons) posts and he does seem a legit enough chap, but it's a big chunk of dough.

How did you overcome those worries?
I take it you've had no problems etc?
Have you done any track days yet or anything?
Aside from (I'm sure) a noticeable difference in stopping power, is the car any more hard work to drive or anything?
Have you found any decent reviews etc which helped put you at ease when you first bought?

Just come and test them! Had same worries. Went for it based that branded kits would be 5-6 k! the sale price is a lot of money but not in terms of full brake set up, its actually not!

Had great service from dan. Nothing less than perfect. No track days. Never done one.

Only prob I had was due to worn control arms on my car caused vibration. Not to do with brakes. Just the bbk kit accentuated the issue!

Brakes are stunning and performance unbelievable. Far superior to my m3. No risk as you can try them!

Been reviewed by fast car etc, but basically you can see they are quality kit. Car drives normally, but touch the pedal and they are quick to respond. Don't need any more reviews as lived with them for 9 months and recommend.

Pm me if any more qs.