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FIXED - Car currently torn apart - Satellite Install - Junction block wires - Pics

I figured it out....Top of X14280 pin 3 was top of X1255 pin 1 and bottom of X14280 pin3 was bottom of pin X1255 pin 2.

I just got the back seat out and went to move the fiber optic wires to there correct spots per the DIY. Unfortunately the fiber optics are not currently in the spots that they are indicated they should be in per the DIY here: I also have updated instructions dated 09/2005 which aren't helping. are these possibly both dated? I'm at a loss now.

I have a 2009 E90 with Logic 7 and satellite prep. i have the part # 65 129 192 274 receiver ready to go.

Also, what's wierd is there is a module under the trunk floor with a bluetooth symbol on it however i don't seem to have bluetooth in my car. The phone button doesn't work on the steering wheel. I'm the 3rd owner so I'm not sure what previous owners did. Maybe the fiber optics where moved around as part of installing this module??

Attached are pics of what I'm seeing on the junction blocks

Pic 1 - Top view of both blocks
Pic 2 - Top Junction Block X14280
Pic 3 - Bottom Junction Block x14255
Pic 4 - There is a module in my trunk with a bluetooth symbol on it although I don't have bluetooth as far as i know (phone button on stearing wheel does nothing)

Please hope so I can put my car back together. Thanks!
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