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Originally Posted by Raven_1221 View Post
I have a 2006 325i. Starting a few months ago, I noticed the engine intermittently cranking longer than usual before starting in the morning. The weather isn't unusually cold where I live. It's about 60 degrees fahrenheit in the morning. I also notice that the AC display will sometimes be dimmer than normal, though doesn't necessarily happen at the same time that my engine takes longer to start. Does this sound like a battery issue?
Im having the same freakin problem. Im about to replace my battery with a Bosch i guess.
Everyone: I have a guy that is local and is going to do everything including battery for around $105. Every BMW owner on the island goes to him and swears by him, ive also had a capacitor changed by him and nothing wrong so far, so i trust him. One thing is I have never heard of a Bosch battery, and i know they just stick their label on them, so does anyone have any advice? also im getting the error code CC-ID 229, which i think just means low battery. Ive looked at others post and thats what 229 means but they always post MME/MMD in front of the number so i dont know if im correct. Can anyone tell me if That code actually means i need to replace my battery?
Reason being that the shop wants to check it with the computer ( a extra $40 to do) the check if its the battery for sure and not something else. If possible i want to avoid spending more money if it is indeed the battery (which i already believe it is due to the yellow battery symbol and the error code i see when entering the menu.) so in short dont want to waste the money if it is the battery, checking for something that its not. Can anyone help me figure this out that has had this experience?
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