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Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
I am somewhat obsessed with this game after having it for a couple of months. It is incredibly good. Best driving/racing game I have ever played.

Certainly difficult -- way more so than '10 and '11. I like it, adds to the realism. The way an F1 game should be, imo.

Took me quite a while to work up to "Legend" difficulty level. Still I can't qualify better than mid teens on certain tracks.

Also really like the emphasis on setup. Aero, brakes, engine mapping, gearing, all really impacts performance. And yes, seems they want you to figure out the right setup.

My complaint is the AI is questionable in some circumstances. Way more interference from slow going cars in practice and quali than is realistic.

Only other downside is that it has made Forza a snore! I find it basically unplayable after F1.
Obsessed is really the best word for it. After the first day of playing, its all i wanted to do for a few days. Really, I was filling out lab reports at light speed to get home earlier last week!

I havent delved into the specifics of tuning just yet, ive been relying on the quick setup option and have dialed in a little more downforce individually. If it makes that big of a difference, i may put in the effort to figure it out sooner than later

I agree on the slower traffic and blocking, at the same time i saw some very questionable "yielding" at last weeks GP, so maybe not that unrealistic.

In my view, the thing that makes the game so good is the sensation of speed and the instability of the cars under acceleration and deceleration.