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Originally Posted by nevin View Post
I went from M3 to the E60 M5...Once you put it in sport mode the thing was so awesome. However, unless you hit the ol M button on the wheel, the transmission sucked at all times! I hated driving this thing around town. Plus it was to big for me. I wasn't to concerned with the 10 MPG i was getting until I had to stop at the station to fill up every other day. I also had to buy a new clutch not to long after purchasing it from the previous owner screwing me. That cost me $5k, extended warranty didn't cover any of the clutch. Did i mention i hated the transmission!

Im back into an M3 after taking a $10k loss in less then 6 months! I would have been willing to take a 20k loss to get that shit out of my driveway. Stick with your gut like i should have...E39 M5!
My fears were your reality. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I (will say again, and can not say enough) was annoyed by the trans too. My overall experience was positive, but I just didn't trust it.

I remember thinking, 'nobody buys this car after a traditional test drive' because at low speed it is just not good or fitting a car of its price.