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Originally Posted by spicytofu View Post
Everyone on here is holding this "in service date" as the key argument. I have not brought my car in for service yet, so I have no invoice to compare. I can guarantee that warranty starts from the date of purchase, not date of manufacturer. Even if they "punch" it, the warranty expiration date is shown on the invoice (or some other document). I remember seeing this because I bought my 2011 in 2012 brand new and I made sure that I did not lose warranty. The SA said I wont, the papers said I wont, even the finance guy said I wont. The best way to find this out is for those who know the exact day they bought their car (new or used), look at the in service date on the invoices. All this needs to match up if the OP is going to use this as his argument.

I am puzzled on how this "serpentine" belt got inside the valve cover and into the timing chain teeth. You must have a huge hole on the valve cover for this to happen. If true, I cant even begin to understand why this car was still being driven.
It seems that pieces of the serpentine belt is what was sucked in, not the whole belt lol. I mean were pieces as thin as hairs when the belt would fray and then snap. The current belt is still there as seen in the 2nd photo of the engine I posted.

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