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Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Damn you are putting in work tee. Good job clearance is Looking good from what I can see. How does it feel? I've been looking at those camber arms how are they. How much did you end up putting in the rear
Thanks man, its very rail like right now. I can feel every bump/leaf on the road lol. The rears are on 1388 lbs, the megans are great so far...the install was very easy but it just screws up your toe badly. And like ive said before this is why ppl think camber kills your tires.

Originally Posted by SneakyDeeky View Post
You guys are so legit in your stance.
This place needs some diversity like every other car forum

Originally Posted by SoCal BimMn' View Post
Dayuum good stuff T bet it's rides like a champ better then it did anyways lol
Thanks man, alot better than before cause my shocks were blown ahha.

Originally Posted by M_Truong View Post
look at that clearance. such a boss! haha. how's the initial opinion on the new setup? Also, how are the megan parts?
Right now i set the front to full stiff/boner hard erection status, i drove it on the freeway and i was like....hmm ok lil toooo hard so i just 2 revolutions softer and go from there. The steering response was bad ass! great feed back. The megan arms also came with a harder bushing so im sure it all played well together. Im goona max and camber and bring my toe out on friday before i get an alignment, I dont want those techs messing with my camber! lol

But for my next car ill know exactly what to do as i learned alot from this platform.

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