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Lease Cars

Hi all,

My wife and I are expecting are first baby and the having a TT and 911 doesn't really work As the TT is a company car the company have been very good and reallocated the car so we can go back on the allowance but we need to get a car ASAP!!

I need some help with people that have done a personal lease. I am looking to lease a car and have a couple of questions around the V5 and insurance.

Do you get a copy of the V5 and if so who's name is on it?

All of the insurances company ask if you are the registered keeper and the legal owner, how are people answering these questions? It seems to make a massive impact on the insurance if you are not the registered keeper (nearly 3 times the cost)

Any examples or experiences in doing this please let me know who you found it and any issues etc/

Also if anyone has seen any deal on a 4x4 or family car (Audi, Merc or BMW) please forward as we need to get a car ASAP.

Thanks in advance