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Originally Posted by LTO View Post
so how did you like the SUMO? was thinking about getting one too.
I'm going to put the factory custom shaft back on it and sell it. It hits well, very straight compared to my R7 460. However, the R7 460 just feels more solid on impact, sounds better, and I hit it longer (although I tend to hit more hooks with it). Honestly I think I can score better with the Sumo SQuared due to straighter drives... but I always feel like I need/want to bomb my drives as long as possible, and I feel like the Sumo is limiting my distance.

But then again, I never really measured the drives... I like the trajectory of the ball off of the R7 460 (looks like a line drive without ballooning, and falls soft in the end...looks more powerful)... whereas the ball flight is very boring from the Nike (smooth parabolic arc)... if I actually measure the distance, maybe there isn't much difference... it just doesn't feel very satisfying to hit it...

Oh well, maybe I'll give it another chance through a few more rounds...