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Originally Posted by starrfyr
Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d
Ok ok so whats the scope can we or can we not? Im lost here ,help!!
Go to Wendy's for the food if you like that sort of thing (I think they suck), but leave the french fry oil for the guys driving '06 and older VW TDI's. That juice is not for us. Personally, I wish it was but you can't cheat chemistry.

B-diesel is more electronegative than both the Dino and the lubricant. That means it bonds to the cylinder walls and gets into the sump and makes a mess. Also, B-diesel has a vapor point slightly higher than Dino and that trashes DPF's. For example, an '06 VW Golf with the 1.9l pump-duese can B100 all day long. The '09 VW Golf with the 2.0l CR can only run B10. The differences between the 2 motors, an HPFP (which is unaffected by bio-diesel) and a DPF that will fail.

My '10 Jetta TDI never saw a drop of bio and neither will my '11 d.

On another note ... I think the OP should run 3-4 tankfuls of B100 and then tell us how much a new DPF goes for. I've always wondered how much they cost.
Starrfyr - Sounds right to me.

I'm very particular about what I put in my tank. No bio-diesel for me if I can help it. The scary thing is more stations are adding up to B20 and that's a warranty nightmare if something ever went wrong. Personally I avoid any bio-diesel and buy diesel from reputable brands with the highest cetane rating. I've found Conoco out where I live to have good diesel and now and then I find BP to be good if its not #2 diesel. Exxon is hit and miss. Depends on where your local station gets their diesel from. But overall stick with fuel stations that are reputable. If you use bio-diesel make sure it's no more than B7. BMW didn't say that's their limit for no reason. Bio-diesel doesn't have a proper standard yet and until bio-diesel has higher standards for refining and can match fossil fuels I'd just stick with regular fossil diesel with no more than B5-B7.