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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
So if the meaning of the Ads offends liberals, you should take umbrage with the fact that a non-U.S. company plans on making a helluva profit for themselves using a U.S. brand name outside of the U.S. they got for pennies on the dollar - thanks to Uncle Sam's "managed" bailout.
well that US company wasn't doing too well till Fiat bought them out
so if having foreign ownership means the company continues selling cars, and employing thousands of US workers
I don't think anyone but a xenophobe would have an issue with that.

bottom line is republicans are all up in arms about the fact that Obama lied
fact is all politicians lie, they lie through their teeth just to get (re)elected
it doesn't matter if you support the Democrats, or the Republicans or whatever
always start out with the fact that you're not picking the "honest" candidate
once you accept that, it's much easier to deal with them

and this is not just in the US, across the world, its the same thing