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Question Creak from windshield after car wash?

I bought my car a couple months ago, and I've taken it to a local coin-op spray wash a few times since then. The place I go is right by the highway, so I always take a quick 5 minute highway run afterwards to dry the car. Each time I've gone, I've noticed a pronounced creaking sound from the lower windshield or dashboard area showing up right after the wash, and then fading slowly over the following days. Because it's affected by the wash, I'm assuming it has to be something on the outside of the car. It seems like it might be a result of the windshield seal rubbing against the glass when it's clean. Then, over the following days, as dust and oil builds up again, the sound diminishes (thought it never really goes away).

Anyone else have experience with something like this? Wondering whether there's an easy fix or whether I should trust a dealer to take a look.