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Why did nobody address the issue in the "Romney lied about Jeep" thread?
Can't speak for others, but I was going to, and then the thread was locked because people were unable to maintain a discussion without resorting to immature, belligerent "debate" tactics of directing profanities at the messenger instead of addressing the message itself. I did point out in this thread the absurdity of being outraged at Romney's "lies" (which killed nobody) vs being OK with the Obama administrations misdirection during the Benghazi tragedy, which speaks to a much bigger issue of lives lost and national security.

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Yeah, you guys refuse debate.

It's really interesting how left-wing liberals, the group that really likes to see itself as the kinder, gentler, more compassionate group of partisans, is the group that is always the first to lose the struggle in maintaining some semblance of civility and decorum. They relish in painting the conservatives and heartless and mean-spirited, and yet are very quick to resort to nasty, snarky, personal attacks, rather than attempting to deconstruct the proposition itself. I dont know of too many debate coaches who advocate shouting down the messenger with profanity instead of addressing the message. I'm not sure it's entirely a coincidence that the number of hardcore leftwingers that have been banned here recently exceeds the number of right-wingers.

The whole Stacey Dash twitter debacle is a perfect example. Some D-list celebrity, whose opinion really shouldnt matter anyway, expresses support for Romney, and the left-wing twitterverse reacts with an astonishing display of vile personal attacks, including threats of violence and worse. Oddly, when other celebrities publicly declare support for Obama, you dont find them being attacked in the same sort of way by the right wing at all. I wonder why that is? When you think about that behavior pattern, and then think about the lack of progress in Congress, it gets harder and harder to believe that is caused by only the right-wing refusing the collaborate in a civil manner.