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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
well that US company wasn't doing too well till Fiat bought them out
so if having foreign ownership means the company continues selling cars, and employing thousands of US workers
I don't think anyone but a xenophobe would have an issue with that.
This is a bit of a strawman argument. The choice for Chrysler/Jeep wasn't dissolution, it was Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Just like in the late 70's when Chrysler was a hair trigger away from bankruptcy and received and gov't bailout - it sustained the company temporarily until it started making crappy cars again.. AMC, Eagle or making dumbfounded decisions like buying Lamborghini (A little Italian payback I guess from Fiat)

The minivan saved Chrylser thru the 90's but never to regain its foothold. The company back then and now - should have went thru a managed bankruptcy to sell off its non-performing assets, downsize and restructure.

Airlines have been going thru managed bankruptcies since the 60s and the industry is still around in the U.S. last I checked. A non-profitable company has no right to continue to be profitable at the government's dime. That may sound cruel to you but not all businesses succeed, and those that do not give opportunity for someone else to compete (like SouthWest for e.g. in the Airline business).
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