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Silva may drop a one-liner to make people wonder, but overall his message has been that he is not interested in a fight with Jones.

Jones also consistently says he is not interested in fighting Silva.

It would be the coolest fight ever - but it's just not going to happen.

Jones vs. Chael ...... This proves that talking gets you fights .... if you are good at it you get what you want. Here we have a middleweight who lost his last fight and now he is fighting for the Ligh Heavyweight belt? That just seems ridiculous. Unless your name is Randy Couture of course.

The funny thing is that Jones has literally cleaned out his division so even though his title is being "tied up" doing TUF there really wasn't a line of worthy challengers to get upset.

I hope 2 things:
GSP beats Condit
GSP doesn't fight Silva .... that's just an overall bad idea for GSP, I hope he isn't even thinking about it yet. He'll give up a ton of reach/size and he is coming off a loooong layoff as it is.