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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
This is a bit of a strawman argument. The choice for Chrysler/Jeep wasn't dissolution, it was Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Just like in the late 70's when Chrysler was a hair trigger away from bankruptcy and received and gov't bailout - it sustained the company temporarily until it started making crappy cars again.. AMC, Eagle or making dumbfounded decisions like buying Lamborghini (A little Italian payback I guess from Fiat)

The minivan saved Chrylser thru the 90's but never to regain its foothold. The company back then and now - should have went thru a managed bankruptcy to sell off its non-performing assets, downsize and restructure.
yes but the reason they are doing well now is because Fiat has a lot of expertise in making fuel efficient engines, a totally alien thing to US car companies.
so they are doing well BECAUSE they were bought by Fiat
not because they restructured