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Help needed on some doubts

Originally Posted by Jose_JN View Post
It depends on which functions has the the new HU enabled.

I had to code:
Kombi -> for the new Gongs
PDC -> for the new Beeps
2Rad for ->
- adapt the equalization to my e93,
- enable USB (my HU came with this feature disabled)
- change the service numbers (I wanted the spanish numbers instead of the english)
- adapt it to Spanish cause it came from UK.

But most times, it is plug&play and It is not necesary to code (but always recomendable)

The best way is add $663 $6nn $6fl to the VO and reset these ecus Regards
I have a e91 build 2007/02 and would like to do this retrofit as well, I have a profesional HU but I don't have USB nor Bluetooth so if I understand you correctly all I have to do is purchase a HU form built 2010 onwards with USB and Bluetooth and code the kombi and rad2 with $633, $6nn and $6fl, correct?

That would be so sweet if it were that simple Hoping to hear from you