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Thanks for the PM I would definitely be in for this. Went through your available list of options. I would definitely take the following...

As of September 2012

2) Disable "fasten your seatbelt" reminder upon startup.

Navigation / iDrive (CIC = new iDrive that came in 09+ cars, CCC is the "old" iDrive)

1) Disable iDrive legal disclaimer on startup (both CCC and CIC).
2) Disable legal disclaimer for backup camera (both CCC and CIC).
3) Enable DVD in Motion for CIC. I get asked a lot - no, it's NOT possible to watch DVD on older iDrive without installing aftermarket equipment.
4) Change DVD region code.
6) Change ringtones.

Car Access Related:

1) Rolling of windows and sunroof up and down with the keyfob.
2) Folding and unfolding the mirrors with the keyfob.
3) Unlock doors when car is turned off (won't have to pull the door handle twice).

Lighting Related:

1) Amber corned delete: turn off amber corner light when parking lights are on.
2) Welcome light activation (ONLY on 2007.25+). Fading on for angel eyes, corner lights, fog lights, rear fog lights, rear tail lights, rear brake lights, parking lights, and low beams.
3) Turn off daytime running lights on rear taillights.
4) Double blinking ("euro") emergency lights (2007.25+ only, this works only with the ignition on).
6) Fog lights stay on with high beams or bi-xenon flashing.
8) NEW - Make the rear fog lights work in tandem with brake lights. Abnormally-bright brake lights!
10) NEW disable angel eye dimming on coupes and 1 series. The AE's will always be at 100%. Save hundreds on H8 LED's!

Cluster Related:

1) Disable “key in ignition” gong.
2) Add the digital speedometer to non-M cars (V=## mph) in addition to existing options, example video.
3) Remove the correction on digital speedometer, it'll show the "real" speed but the two speedometers will not match example
7) NEW Have the cluster backlight work at all times.
8) NEW Disable low temperature warning.


5) Have the windshield wipers complete the cycle and park when you shut the car off.
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