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Steering wheel vibration

Hi guys,

Since about 6 months I am feeling a slight steering wheel vibration occurring only between 40 and 60mph. Not slower and not faster, only in that range. It is now getting more and more significant.

The vibrations were present on the OEM 189 rims with runflat tires that i previously had and I recently upgraded to M6 rep wheels with new tires. The vibration is still there...

I've passed several hours on the past couple of days looking for info on this but I've found different explanations such as balance, alignment, bushings, control arms... My new wheels have been balanced twice so I don't think that's the problem, the bushings are not making any sounds when turning the wheels or going over bumps... I would like to do the work myself if I have something to replace but I've to find where the problem is first..

Any input would be greatly appreciated