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Thought i'd throw a thread up..

Hey, some of you may know me as the crazy ass mofo who ran those epic wide PG-1s on the bagged E46 sedan, or even just the guy who changes wheels very often. Well anyways, since then the car had parted out, parts sold and car was gone. Was a pretty sad sight seeing it go, had it for about 3.5 years. Good memories..

Pics of old car in its final stage:

Well anyways, sold the car on a Thursday, it was only natural to buy a new one. I had been looking at different came down to either a E60 or a E90. Well i put down the deposit on an E90 Msport on the following Saturday. Come Tuesday, i had myself a Sparkling Graphite E90 Msport. Not exactly the colour i wanted but for the price i paid and for how clean it was, it was awesome!

Would have loved the sat nav but couldnt find one that was cheap enough for me.

Anyways, the first 'mod' i bought was a OEM leather fob key case and OEM floormats (car didnt come with any but the carpet was in good condition so im guessing they threw out the floormats cause they were dirty or something).

Key Fob case:


Since the car came standard with RFT the car didnt have a jack, wheel brace or spare tyre so i put up a thread on here looking for those parts. Noone had replied so i bought a wheel brace from the UK. Then Adrian (adrianc) had PMed me about the space saver and jack he had left over from his M3. All new with BMW stickers, SCORE!

Dont have a pic of the space saver and jack unfortunately.

Was pretty happy with how it was, enjoying the car as it is. But then i wanted to fix up the front end. I really wanted the 3D studio front lip for the E90 but it was $700 before shipping so i thought i'd put that on hold for now. Since i had a E60 Msport Hamann front lip (courtesy of INDOMI), i decided i should try and modify it to fit the E90. Surprising the E90 has a wider front bar haha. This is what i came up with:

Looks alright, still havnt completed it. Been too busy and really cbf sanding lol.

Oh i also fitted my old plates onto the car.

After that, still finding ways to freshen up the rear end. At first i was looking at changing the exhaust itself to a bolt on Arqray exhaust or even the BMW performance exhaust but $800 for just sound, i thought wasnt worth it. I could use the money elsewhere and besides the stock exhaust sounds great as it is.

I went and bought a Msport rear bootlid spoiler.

Test fit (please excuse the dirty car lol):


I was then looking at alternatives for the rear tail lights. I hate the clear bit. Blacklines were too expensive for me, so i got some red tint/vinyl and covered it. Didnt turn out too bad but wish it were abit darker.

The tint:



That was about it.

But as you know..knowing me i wanted low and wheels!

So on the hunt i was, looking at some suspension setups. Looked into getting Airsuspension again but it was going to cost me too much so decided to go with coilovers. Looked at KWs, STs, and BCs. KWs are great, ive fitted a set onto our Merc and they ride nice but i was doubting their capabilities of going lowwww..same goes with ST, apparently they just KW V1s but cheaper materials used thus being cheaper. So i looked into BC BRs, people rate them well so i was leaning more towards them and since the price is so cheap i thought why not. Upon some research, i found out that people who fitted BC BR coilovers onto their E90 were unable to drop the car alot. When they maxed out the front coilovers, it would still stick above the tyre of stockies which made me sad and confused till one guy gave me the solution to my problems! BC BR Extreme drop kit. I looked into it more, was very impressed at how low they went. Not many E90s were running the Extreme drop kit, but the one guy that did, he is dumped and he has nothing but good feedback about them so i thought why not they were cheaper than buying them locally (when the exchange rate was abit better) and you were able to choose your spring rates at no extra charge! But i just stuck with the standard 7kg fronts and 11kg rears since the coilover guy recommended me. So that was all paid for and just waiting for it to be built and sent to me.

Just when i thought it would stop, i decided to jump on the 3D studio lip. So that was paid for and is in the process of being posted to me too.

What it looks like:

Oh but it didnt stop there, a couple days later i was looking for some wheels. Was looking at getting some Hamann PG-1s again but in 18s. I had found a set but missed out on buying them was pretty cut about it. But a week later, 2 days ago i found a really nice set of wheels. So i bought it. I might not tell you guys what they are just yet. But i'll just give you the specs. They 18x10 +25 fronts and 18x11 +0 rears. Haha, okay before you freak out, the rears are getting modded so i'll probs change the outer lip and make it a higher offset.

Thats it for now guys, hope you guys enjoyed it and i'll keep updating this thread as i go

C&C welcome. Might get some hate from all the E46ers.