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Noticed i havnt updated this thread in awhile.

So nothing much as changed.

First off, i rolled the rear guards in preparation for the wheels that were coming. (Sorry, dont have pics of this)

Next up was getting my windows tinted. I wasnt sure whether to gether 15% or 20% but i ended up getting 20% since on our old merc, we had 15% and couldnt see anything especially at night (had to wind the windows down to see). I thought didnt want to have to go through that again, and besides my interior was black already.

I then got the email from Dan who was making my coilovers. They were ready to be shipped out however when he opened the box to check whether everything was all good. He noticed that they put on the wrong front springs. I bought the extreme drop kit which means theyre suppose to be the shorter springs up front. So luckily he noticed while it was still in the US, cause i wouldve been fked if i only noticed when they arrived. He did send me a photo of the coilovers though with the incorrect front spring.

You'll see the difference of the front spring later on. He said not to worry and that they could be swapped out within a day. So i thought yeah dont worry, take your time. I'd rather it be done properly then rushed and messed up. So 4 days later, they arrived at the front door! Cheering! shipping was so fast, yet so cheap.

A few days later, my front lip also arrived.

Fitment was pretty good, however being plastic if kind of deformed on the way here. So heating and what not would be required to fit it properly.

Test fit:

Next, i went and fitted the coilovers. Rears were easy as to install, however the fronts were a b*tch! i tried following the DIYs on the net, but i had no clue how they were able to do what they did. So i had to figure out a way myself. It wasnt a matter of just opening the bolt holding the shocks and pushing the hub down (like on the E46). The shocks on the E90 are fking low and when i pushed the hub the whole way down, i couldnt go any lower cause the steering arm? or something was pretty much at its max angle so didnt want to fk it up. So i had to remove alot of bolts to get it off. Took me like 5 hrs to do the fronts alone..

As you can see, these are the shorter springs and skinnier/more linear springs than the ones above. Also notice the length of the shocks? hahaha

Anyways, here they are installed

I've gone lower since. Theres heaps more adjustment to go lower but i'll do that when i get wheels.

I then go the front lip painted, wasnt too sure how it would turn out as i just gave it to a mate who sent it to a shop.

Turned out great for the price i paid.
Test for colour match:

All good

Now comes my final thing for this update.
I hurts for me to say this, but the wheels i had paid for and been waiting for for a month arent coming.

I paid for them last month, the guy was suppose to shave them and paint them then send. I felt he kept stalling. He hardly responded to my msgs, i smsed him like 20 times a day to only get one reply saying theyre almost done..blabalahla..anyways put in a paypal claim and got all my money back. Apparently they also took an extra 300euro off him cause of the exchange rates or something. After the paypal claim happened, he started messaging me like crazy. Pretty funny huh? yeh but it does suck cause no i dont have any wheels and have to go hunting again