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Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
What do you want it for?

I had one of these....

Great for doing 50+ mile runs.

I also have a 1980s Peugeot road bike with Reynolds 531 tubing that is just a great bike, really comfy. So much so the Giant got sold.
The giant I paid 900 from 1500 by the way, was last years model.
The Pug was 20.

However, what I really wanted from a bike was to stay a bit fitter, I don't commute, I don't find going out for 4 hours or so that much fun I really just wanted some excercise.

So I bought one of these...

Now got flat bars on, brake on front and a freewheel on one side.

Now, 30 minutes on that and I come back more knackered than 5 hours on the Giant.

So really depends what you want from your bike, an effortless road bike is not the best if you want a quick blast to get the blood flowing.
I had that same bike, Fuji Classic. Single speed is a bit too trendy for me though.

I would say something like a Cube Attempt or a Boardman will be good enough for your needs. Unless you are going to be racing you don't need super light wheels that will buckle at the rumour of a pothole.

The wheels on the carbon bike I posted are a cheap Campag set. They were swapped immediately for a carbon set I already had as that is my race bike. The Campags went on my other bike where they have been for the last year and several thousand miles without a single problem. I'm happy using my other bike for everything other than racing, it's comfortable and it never breaks.