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Originally Posted by chriz1 View Post
I spoke to 2 dealers yesterday one in Cardiff and trainer Swansea, Cardiff denied there be a common issue with the judder saying they've never had a 320d or any BMW with this problem before, Swansea didn't say yes or no but said we can ask for a goodwill payment from BMW I'd the clutch needs to be replaced and that's what he said to me without even asking if they could get a goodwill.
The way clutch replacements work with BMW Ė you have to authorise the labour cost for gearbox removal. IIRC this is around 2 BMW labour rate hours. This is regardless of whether itís under warranty or not. However, going back to the way goodwill gestures work (when out of warranty), Itís usually the case where you contribute to 50% labour or 50% parts. Now this is dependent on the tests that the dealership carries out. They send the test results of your old clutch to BMW UK, who basically authorise or decline changing it. If they decline it, youíre basically stuffed with your old clutch and you can either pay the labour rate and parts cost to put it right, or have your old clutch put back in for the gearbox removal cost.

For the cost of parts and gearbox removal, I reckon you could get a could indy to do this for the same price, rather than having the uncertainty of BMW doing it under goodwill.