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Originally Posted by getby25 View Post
I'm using now HID 35watt ballast for my low beam and thinking to change fog light to HID as well. So here is question, those ballast are using for my low beam now, wonder if i can use those for my fog light. Because i will get new 50watt for low beam.

Additional question, are those 50 watt low beams really brighter than 35watt? Also can you guys recommend light bulbs for low beams? I am looking for some bulbs that can make my night sight brighter with 6000k or 4500k.

I dont remember that well but I remember that one year for bmw doine HID fogs was near impossible. I remember that error cancelers wont work for fogs and you have to cut the wires and solder some capacitors in it for the fogs to work properly. So to answer your question, yes you can use the ballast, but do a search to find out if you can use the capacitors. I remember I tried the cancelers on mine and they like blew up.

50 watt HID bulbs are a lot brighter and the output color is different than the 35watt. Do a search on that too, there are a lot of threads that talk about it. If i remember correctly from a thread, the 50watt is a lot hotter than the 35watt too so it may burn through your housing. And for the best night output, i would go with 6000k. The higher the temp, the more color but less light output.