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Originally Posted by BabyrayS2k View Post
Good list but no Texas or Nebraska. Maybe I need to read up on Ohio State more.
Alabama obviously up top but how can you discount Nebraska (ignoring my bias)?

- 5 National Championships (12 schools with more, but 5 of those schools haven't won one since the 40's)
- 3 Heisman Winners (only 4 schools with more)
- #4 all-time wins, #8 in winning % all-time
- Holds record for most consecutive sell-outs at 322, every single game since 1962
- Holds record for most consecutive bowl games @ 35, #5 in bowl appearances
- #6 in number of All-Americans
- #4 in number of 10-win seasons
- 1971 and 1995 Huskers widely considered two of the best teams of all time (1971 considered THE best by many)
- #5 in number of NFL draft picks
- Regularly considered one of the most difficult/loudest places to play
- One of the most travelling fan bases

I mean, come on.

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