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In all honesty that's a fair price, miles on the high side but I'm sure they would negotiate with you even a little. Although I'm still surprised about how good a deal I got on my car after reading this. In June I bought my 2008 328i e92 from South Bay with ever option except iDrive/nav, for roughly around $32000 out the door and it only had 500 miles on it. Don't let all the 335 drivers sway you. Sure lack of power got to me at first and yes you get a warranty from the dealership but I didn't want the headache of knowing that sooner or later my car would have to go in for a HPFP or wastegate repair. Besides that I just wanted a nice reliable car that met my needs and got my family around. My car is still running strong and has never been in the shop other than maintenance and small things like bulbs being out. It's all about where your priorities are I suppose. Anyways OP good luck with your decision making!
yea, i really wanted a 335 at first but the more i read about the problems they have the more i got turned off on them. I'll be using this car as my daily driver and i drive about 15k miles a year so reliability is at the top of my priority list. I'm coming from a 350Z and although i LOVE being able to impose my will on 95% of the cars on the highway, i really dont get to take advantage of all those ponies seeing as how i live and work in the SoCal area where traffic is nightmare almost any day of the week.