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Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
Well I got the wrong shirt.. Got a LOVE92 shirt in small

Asked for LOVE90 in XL by email AND paypal footnotes.

Didn't reply to my emails asking if OP got my info (clearly he saw what I sent considering he got my address correct), yet sent the wrong shirt. Done dealing with this "vendor"

Anyone else dealing with this guy be cautious.

I've ordered cyba scoops, LED turn signals, HID headlights, and e90post stickers from other members, so its not a matter of me not knowing how to work paypal either.

And to the moderators who approved this, READ THIS POST.
I have received a bunch of orders and most of them were custom. I got your address and info on your Paypal payment. I've never received your email. It must have gotten caught in my SPAMS. However, I've received over 50 emails from different members and replied them all ( Most people can vouch for me ). One or two may have not went through or got caught in the SPAMS. You could have messaged me on here if I didn't respond to your email which I'm pretty sure got caught in my SPAMS. Especially you see that I've been trying to be very active on the forums to contact every member. People make mistakes, we're not robots. your order probably got mixed up with somebody else's. If needed be, I could take screen shots of my messages and email with everybody and show you how I've been responding every member.PM ME and I will try my best to resolve this.

No need to bash the thread.
Originally Posted by 07siv View Post
NO Issues here. I ordered mine last week and they arrived yesterday Monday. Got the right shirt and size.
Thank you sir.
Originally Posted by ejlovo09 View Post
i sent payment on sunday night for 1 e90 m, please let me know if im missing something
Got you Lovo!
Originally Posted by onebadmofo View Post
FYI E93's have the "shark fin" antenna on the trunk, not the roof
Yea, I realized that after I received the shirts

The shipment I was supposed to ship out this Monday was delayed.

Unfortunately,we got hit very bad by Sandy up In NJ. Most of us have received damages to our houses and cars, have no electricity, hot water, internet, cable or gas. Most gas stations are either have no gas or closed due to no power. My office is the same, no power, no heat, nothing. Everything has been closed such as schools, restaurant and majority of the businesses. Due to Sandy, USPS was closed for the past few days also. Next shipment will be out on Monday. I apologize for not being able to ship them out the same day. However, I'm sure you guys heard how bad it is up here.


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