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Originally Posted by RagingKileak
Gents (and most specifically NJ),

I just want to make my position clear. I'm still interested, though I haven't made a firm offer or paid any deposit etc, as I'm still undecided.

There is an added complication in that interested, definite or any other status is irrelevant today as I go to Mexico on Saturday and have no means of sorting this out before then, so it would be unfair for me to make the op an offer (or even really leave a deposit) which might otherwise delay the sale of his car, because he wouldn't have my brakes to put on to sell it.

I'll have a good think about it whilst I'm away, as this does look too good an opportunity to miss for what all the reviews I've read suggest are good brakes. That said, it's a fat wedge and with a lot of expenditure recently I need to make sure I am happy to spend it.

If they sell in the meantime, good luck to the buyer. If not, who knows what will happen when I return

Thanks for your honesty, but you are right, whilst they are on the car I can't put the car up for sale. It's likely I will leave available for part ex ( 2 weeks maybe) but at a point, I will put the set I've been offered then remove these. They would obviously still be available but at the higher cash price. Pretty sure these would fly out on eBay.

Thanks skelts. Gutted to part with them, but need to prioritise as you are and conversion to fit m3 dosnt make financial sense.

So available for part ex or sale, chaps.