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Sorry to hijack this thread - just wanted some advice similar to the OP

I have a pre-LCI and fitted BMS spacers earlier this year - originally went for 12 in the rear and 10 up front. I then changed the rears for 15 as the 12's still looked a little tucked in. The 15 in the rear looked much better although I think I could go to 20. After driving around with this set up for a while I decided the front were too flush or in my opinion sticking out a little so I removed the 10 in the front and they look OK. So been driving around like this for a while and recently while its been raining here and when I push the car on corners I feel the back end is going to go, handling seems strange and bit scary at times when i push it - so I started to think this spacer set up isn't right - should I put the 10's back on the front to even it out?

While I've been thinking about it I'm wondering whether to just go for 20 in the rear and stick the 10's back on the front - do you think this will help with the ride and even it out.

I have 18" MV3s and stock M Sport set up.

Also to the OP - I'd love to see some pics of the 20's you added to yours as you have pre-LCI too. Appreciate if you can get some pics up?