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FIXED - Sirius Retrofit works but won't subscribe - need coding?

All is well. It was a problem on Sirius's end and they sent out an amplified signal and activated me today. So I guess the take away is, is if you hook up the Sirius module and the head unit sees it then you more than likely don't need coding.

So I successfully installed a used Sirius module. Pulled the rear seat cushions off, moved around the fiber optics, plugged it in and it works fine. I pull in all the free channels. I called Sirius today, gave them my ESN and they gave me a free 90 day trial.

However, it won't activate and most channels still show unsubscribed. Sirius had me leave it on the preview channel, turn the radio and car on and off, etc. And then they finally said they're having issues with their satellites and to give it 48 hours.

If the car recognize the satellite module and works properly and I get the free stations does that mean I'm home free regarding not needing coding. Or might I not be able to subscribe because the unit isn't coded properly?

I just don't want to spin my wheels with Sirius tech support if its blatantly obvious that I need coding.

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