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I would like to recommend "Raja Ventureshield" for anyone looking for a clearbra, ventureshield, 3m, etc.

I had him install a Ventureshield two years ago and the result was phenomenal.

Unfortunately sears (another was an emergency) decided to drive my front bumper over the curb.

I learned a few things from this:

1) the Ventureshield is VERY protective...NO Damage where the ventureshild contacted the merely "slid" past.
2) Raja Ventureshield install results are second to none. In the process of getting the underside quoted, I visited MANY body shops. EVERY SINGLE ONE was amazed at the workmanship and confessed that they (nor their guy they call in) could reproduce the attention to detail of his install. No one wanted to take on the work because they could not do as good a job.

At the end of the day (in conjunction with a family visit); I drove 6 hours to visit him and have him reapply the ventureshield. Again, his workmanship was flawless.