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Originally Posted by ///M3Turk View Post
I have received a bunch of orders and most of them were custom. I got your address and info on your Paypal payment. I've never received your email. It must have gotten caught in my SPAMS. However, I've received over 50 emails from different members and replied them all ( Most people can vouch for me ). One or two may have not went through or got caught in the SPAMS. You could have messaged me on here if I didn't respond to your email which I'm pretty sure got caught in my SPAMS. Especially you see that I've been trying to be very active on the forums to contact every member. People make mistakes, we're not robots. your order probably got mixed up with somebody else's. If needed be, I could take screen shots of my messages and email with everybody and show you how I've been responding every member.PM ME and I will try my best to resolve this.

No need to bash the thread.

Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
Payment sent! Let me know if I did everything right.
Originally Posted by ///M3Turk View Post
IDK, what your name is since I've received a few payments, but some of them are missing the size, design or shipping address. If you made a payment, please check your email. I've email'd the people that are missing info.

Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
Cool Cool, just responded to your email. Sent all the info. Let me know!

Thanks again!
Originally Posted by ///M3Turk View Post
Thanks guys. I just shipped a bunch on Thursday. Next one is being shipped this Monday!
Oh trust me, I'm not trying to bash. I'm just being honest.

Tell me at which point was I supposed to raise concern after sending multiple emails, and even checking back in the thread? Above - I've quoted both of our responses, in order that they appear. You did not confirm when I asked for confirmation.

If you are unsure about a design, size, or address, you double-check with the buyer. You don't send out some random product.

Regardless, it wasn't a mistake on my behalf. So I'm not sure why you are trying to make it look like it was, but it says even more about your reliability.

I included all info you asked for in original post via paypal, and again in the response to the email YOU sent me, which shouldn't go to your SPAM considering it would be recognized as being sent by you.

At this point, it's the fact you've been devastated by one of the Northeast's worst natural disasters ever that I feel morally obligated to just let it go.

All the best to you and your loved ones. Hope recovery is quick.