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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
The pads are made in China, but "shimmed" in Canada and packaged in Canada, so there's a bit of a trick to the whole made in Canada thing. It was something along those lines I can't remember exactly what the trick was.

They also have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and have changed names after problems in the past.

I would go with Akebono if you want brake dust to be a non-issue.
Dr. G has a good point.

Different countries have different specifications (depending on the product), how much needs to actually be 'completed' or 'finished' in the final country to be able to state 'MADE IN CANADA' on the product so be aware of this.

Just because it says it was made in Canada doesn't mean it was manufactured and completed in Canada. It could be manufactured in China, and painted, drilled or even packaged here and depending on the product that might be enough to be able to state that it was made here when in fact it wasn't.