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Originally Posted by longtran@ltbmw View Post
I am so confused with your statement Johnson. bait and switch practices?30% mark up? I do not recall you buying anything from us here. We've performed a service of your car. If you believe us to be friends, why wasn't these issues addressed to me personally? And if you've come to the conclusion that my service was so bad, why did you bring in your GF's car for us to service as well? This is not the only time you've complained or brought up any negative statements. You've done this in the past, and to my knowledge we've cleared things up with you. I have never heard another complaint from you and now I see this? This came out of the blue, I am so confuse with you Johnson.
I did bring my GF's car to you. We were quoted $320 initially for both active head restraints including labor. When all was said and done, you asked for $500. I didn't argue.

I will always try to give you my business Long. I just don't like your forgetful memory. If I see a thread and it resonates with me, I'll vent.

Originally Posted by longtran@ltbmw View Post
Johnson, your car was repair amounted to $4237.34. That was how much it was going to cost to fix your rear bumper, quarter panel, side skirt, and rear passenger door. Being the "friend" that I am, I offered to fix your front passenger fender, repaint your front passenger fender and repair your curb rash on your wheels in addition with the other work at no extra charge. Your car was here for three weeks. I know I had previously promised you two weeks, but my body guy forgot to repair your front fender. The car was done in 2 weeks, but he had only followed the repair order on the insurance claim and not the addition work. It was my fault for not mentioning to him to repair the fender as well. I offered to get you a rental, at my expense, and I tried to accommodate with you on your schedule. I even offered to meet you on sunday, which was what we did.
Long, the curb rash is still there. You forgot to do it and told me to drive on a work day to meet with Son Tran. I work in Studio City. I live in Glendale. I can't run around like that any more. If I could, I would.

My car was there for over four weeks.

To be clear, RE the extra work, this was all pre-negotiated when I brought the car in: I asked if you could do it and you said you could. It was not tossed in later as kind gesture. I even wrote an email memorializing my request, knowing your hectic schedule and the resulting spotty memory from having so much to do.

I had made my agreement with you and negotiated the terms, to which you agreed. How you execute and perform is not my business. Your miscommunication with your body guy or lack of follow-up is reflection of your business practice and has nothing to do with our agreement.

Originally Posted by longtran@ltbmw View Post
I helped you fix your navigation at no charge, and this service is an inconvenience you? You are complaining about free work? With such time constraints I understand how crucial it is to make appointments. I did my best to make it work for you. If I had known you were that busy and required the car then, I would've had the car towed to you immediately.
My car went in with no navigation issues. I turned on the car at your lot for the first time and the navigation did not work. I guess we must write this off as bad timing and coincidence.

Originally Posted by longtran@ltbmw View Post
Johnson, you do not maintain your car at all anymore which shocks me. Your car came in dirty as hell. The only thing you care about in your interior is your steering wheel. You have a cover for it. We never took that off. I apologize for my detailer and the way he handled detail. I had no idea you didn't want shiny interior. That is how my detailer does it. I am sorry.
Long, I made this clear to you many times. I know you will say this is the first time you are hearing about it but I know to memorialize everything in writing next time.

Originally Posted by longtran@ltbmw View Post
]Johnson, are you blaming us for the misfire and the long crank as well? For your oil filter leaking oil, I have already told you this over the phone. It is not the cap that is leaking, it is your oil filter housing that was leaking. How can a cap be installed wrong? If it was installed wrong, the threads would be crossed and the cap would serve useless. I have asked you to bring it to me for evaluation. You've never brought it by. I even told you, if we did it wrong and caused this issue, I would cover it 100%. I know you have a busy schedule, but you know me, I am here from 9am-8pm. I would have met you at your house if you wanted to. The dealer is not there to be your friend.
I don't know what to say. I am sure you know your stuff. I don't have time to investigate. I don't have time to drive to El Monte for a follow up. I only know what the SA tells me. Pacific BMW is less than 2 minutes from where I live in Glendale. I live right by Harvard and Brand; Pacific BMW is just two minutes south on Brand.

If I spoke to you, I'm sure you expect me to drive 30+ miles to El Monte, wait another 3-4 hours in the lobby twiddling my thumbs and drive another 30+ miles back. That I am willing to go to a stealership should signify how little time I have.

Originally Posted by longtran@ltbmw View Post
You still say we are friends but yet you do not speak up. How am I suppose to know what to do?

It's not too much work to speak up. If you don't speak up, I have assume everything is ok.
I do speak up. When you quote me a price and later I tell you its different, you give me a funny look like I'm crazy and you tell me that you would never give out a price like that because it's below your cost.

When I tell you there is a problem you tell me that you don't believe me.

I would have held all this in, but I read this thread and it just reminded me of everything and I wrote it all down to let it out.