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Did Pan/Filter Oil Change and unable to top off...

So I ordered the trans oil change kit from for my n52/ZF 6 Spd Auto

I am not sure how much fluid I had to begin with since I had a leaking trans pan.

So I drained about 3.5-5.5 quarts cold, changed the pan/filter. Then when cold I was only able to add 2.8 qts back in. But I realized later the car was not level.

I could not get the car perfectly level with mismatched jack stands, so I jacked up the rear an inch to compensate and level the car out during the fill process.

So I closed the drain plug, warmed up the car, shifted through the gears until I got a transmission malfunction warning light. I got the same metallic tapping sound that others had mentioned during this time from the trans. I warmed up the car about 10 mins, the pan was still cold, but it took me a few minutes to undo the fill plug with the allen wrench.

I was worried it would be too hot to work on, but it never got hot since it is cold in Chicago now ~45 degrees F ambient in my garage. I just kept pumping until all 6 bottles of my ZF Lifeguard6 were empty. So 6 Liters in all.

I shut the motor off to try to combine some of the leftover clean oil from the bottom of the bottles. When I started it back up to fill another .3 Liter, the trans malfunction indicator and metallic tapping sound went away, whew! Next I shifted through the gears again, then pumped the .3 liter I had left.

Put 6 Liters in and it still did not overflow out the fill hole. So I must have been pretty low with my leak. Per a previous post it can hold up to 9.5 Liters? So I cannot overfill it right? Should I buy 3-4 more liters? Since the torque converter can hold ~ 1 liter etc?

I was tempted to use the old oil to top it off, but it was pretty dark since the leak may have sucked in dirt when under vacuum. I had jerky performance on the 2-3 gear changed, and sport mode would give me whiplash sometimes. I wonder if those traits will go away after this service.

Or should I just see how it drives, then decide whether to buy more oil?

Thanks in Advance!
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