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Hey guys! so ive been a lurker for a while and finallly decided to sign up!
I have a 2011 335D (22K miles on it) and was wondering if any you guys have had similar problems? I dont know if its my car or the dealership!
So I did notice the belt squeal coming from the engine on cold start up..I went in September to get this checked out, the dealership acknowledged the problem and said it was a faulty fan belt and replaced it. There was no more squeal!

2 Weeks later, Im driving on, It was a pretty hot day so my A/C was blasting, then all of a sudden it stopped blowing hot air.. I took it in to the dealership, they said they had previously installed a faulty belt and replaced it yet again with a brand new belt.
Another 2 weeks go by and I'm noticing my air not cooling as it used to.. So i brought it in once again. After a few days they stated there was a leak in my evaporator core and that they are going to replace it... So i picked up my car, I was driving home from the dealership everything seemed fine.. then out of no where the power that supplies the A/C control panel goes out.. and well as my glove compartment light and even noticed my trunk light out. The very next day i head back to my dealer. They said the wiring came lose and they had to redo it..
It has been a few days, everything seems fine as for now , but i fear something else is going to go wrong :x

So I did some researching around and I did find a couple threads about e90's having A/C issues.. but i feel this is total dealership negligence... I have taken my car one to many times to the dealership and its getting kind of frustrating.. I'm still under warranty so everything was taken care of but this seems kind of ridiculous.. any thoughts?