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Originally Posted by SF Space Grey View Post
SF doesn't have many coin-op washes, but there's one at 10th and Harrison that's alright I guess. Yeah I know better than to use those brushes... I cringe whenever I see someone pick one up.

I missed the Giants' parade--busy at the job that pays for the car unfortunately.

I'm definitely going to try ONR, then I might follow it up with Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical instead of the spray wax.

Thanks for the tips, all.
I work (my main job) in downtown SF so there was no way to avoid the parade. There definitely were more fans this time around. It was a sea of Orange and Black.

Look up "Geary Dean Method" on Youtube. This method is probably the best approach in your situation. It requires only one bucket, a sprayer, ONR, Quick Detailer, and about a dozen good quality 2 sided MF towels.

I shown this method to a few of my clients (those who didn't want to deal with the hassle of a full blown wash ) and they all seemed to like it a lot .

Let me know if you have any questions.

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