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Originally Posted by longtran@ltbmw View Post
Gunner, I quoted you $400 for the fenders in addition with the filled in side vents. You've previously inquired about fenders similar to Creaminz. His fenders were filled in. As we've discussed, Tischer has the fenders listed for $391.08 each without the filled in vents. Hence, the $400 quote for filled in vents. If you want the fender without the filled in vents I would be more than happy to offer them at $350, which is cheaper than Tischer.

Any time we communicated, it was always the same questions. "What do I need? How do I do this? How do I do that?" I know you are trying to save money by doing it yourself, many people do it, but I have a shop to run here. I cannot guide you through the entire process. I am sorry.

[b]I am not going to deny I do have somewhat of an issue with communication at the shop. I think I took on more than I can handle, and I understand this now. This transition has been tough. Even till this day, my pricing has remained fairly the same as it was 6 years ago. I guess the only difference now is me having a family. I am not using that as an excuse, but my family is my priority. As you guys know I am not online as often as I use to be. I wish I can duplicate more of myself to satisfy everyone.

I do appreciate this thread, I believe in constructive criticism. This will only help us improve on our services and know what we need to improve in order to be a better company. I am still the same guy from my garage.
I am still growing. I stand behind everything we do here. If there is an issue with anything please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Look, Long, I want to do business with you guys, but there are some things that need to be cleared up. I was told from the woman on the phone the LAST time that I called that it was to be "$400 a fender" and that was it. I told Phillip the last time I called I wanted OEM Fenders, Nothing about fill-ins, etc. I just want to get this straight. Thanks for replying man. And I couldn't ask you to reimburse me for phone cards, although I do appreciate the offer man. Thank you!

Also, I'm not upset if you weren't able to answer any of my technical questions, as you said, I understand that you do have a shop and you have a job to do and have limited time, I was just upset that you were never there or didn't have time to reply back.

You're saying $350a fender? I'll take that deal! But I'll have to order as soon as I get back in the states as I have just spent money on ordering other parts yesterday.

I was confused at how much Tischer's prices are the last time I had checked, they were $278.00. That's why I was confused, but I'm glad I'm now aware of what's going on. Thank you and I'll be in touch with you soon!

EDIT: I saw your second post. I completely understand, and I look forward to doing business with you soon!


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