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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post
Glad you're enjoying it Tim, perhaps a mini NM meet will come up one day and we can have a bit of an N54/N55 Generation Game blast!

Sounds good Matt, seriously! Thaat run in my 330d and your 135i was a lot of fun.

I am enjoying it nows it run in and i have got past the higher fuel use

sorry, must I mean

Originally Posted by sheps View Post
What a bummer; I detoured so I could hit Hatfield tunnel, muscled my way into the traffic, greated a huge gap (much to the annoyance of traffic behind) hit record, turned the phone to myself, shouted "E90POST TUNNEL RUN!" twisted the phone round as I simultaneously booted the throttle and the fecking battery went flat.

I will record something over the weekend, fear not

Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
a 330d sounds better than this!

Sorry, i forgot a 330d sounds more manly, gruff, basey and generally always better than a 6 cyclinder petrol at 7k revs
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