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Originally Posted by Rivenscyr View Post
Sup nick!

You and Suj will have epic stanced e90's lol
Sup! haha

Lol, Suj will have a more stanced out E90 than me.

Still figuring out which wheels to get

Originally Posted by Goofyguy View Post
Wow, straight to work you went. I like it.
Hehe yep! dont like wasting time.

But i did do some research before buying the E90. Like what lips, suspension and their wheels specs etc.

Originally Posted by sbce90 View Post
wait wut?

anyway hi here too nick lol
sup suj!

We all know what you have planned

Originally Posted by 335i-boy View Post
Fkn hell. You don't muck around.

Nice choice on the m-sport. I thought the rear tail tint would look shite but it actually doesn't look too bad. You have too look twice to realise its not an lci rear.

Cant believe how low the BC BR extreme's look compared to the standard strut! What would the ride be like with that set up?

Nice write up. Keen to see how it looks when it's all finished.
Thanks heaps!

Yeah, i didnt think the rear red tint would look good myself. But it did turn out well in the end however i do want to get it re-done in a red thats more similar to the rest of it. Like the tint is a tad lighter shade..

Tell me about it! i was pretty shocked myself when the BC's arrived lol. But tbh, the suspension rides nice. Pretty much like stock, i might even like it more lol

Thanks again, hopefully i can get some wheels happening soon. Been waiting on another seller who hasnt replied me yet.


In other news, took the family out to dinner last night and after that we went to the new woolworths in tempe.

As i was approaching the entrance to the carpark, i already thought in my head.."fk that is a really high driveway." But i had to attempt it anyways..So i took the driveway at an angle then guess what happened?........

Yep, i was 3-wheeling. I was stuck. I couldnt go forward. LOL rear left wheel was up in the air. Mind you this is with 4 people in the car too. There was heaps of people waiting behind me and coming out of the carpark too. I had to reverse it out and take it at an even more extreme angle. Gotta love really short coilovers.

This isnt the first time its happened. Happened to me 2 before aswell entering my girlfriend's driveway. The looks i get is pretty funny though.